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Treatment Of Neck Pain With Acupuncture

Treatment Of Neck Pain With Acupuncture

Nowadays people that do desk jobs have neck pain in common. Neck pain usually has mechanical causes in origin. Mechanical neck pain may appear because of improper head posture while reading, creating handcrafts, computer or mobile phone use, driving, watching television in bed, excessive exercise and sleeping on an improper pillow, doing housework with the head directed upwards or downwards such as washing the dishes or fixing the curtains. Accidents and injuries are among other causes of neck pain.

It is hard to determine the cause but if the pain is increasing day by day, disseminates into the arm and symptoms including loss of sensation, numbness and tingling in arms appear, or symptoms including fatigue, urination problems, difficulty in walking accompany the neck pain, or if there is significant hypersensitivity and softness of the neck bones, a consultation with a physician is essential. Besides these, psychological neck pain is also not rare.

Acupuncture is effective in all types of neck pain. It acts as a muscle relaxant and eliminates stress-related pain, additionally the anti-analgesic mediators released with acupuncture reduce the effect of pain.

If the cause of pain is a trigger zone, by needling this problem will also be eliminated.