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Treatment Of Low Back Pain With Acupuncture

Treatment Of Low Back Pain With Acupuncture

Lumbar pain is a common disorder in today’s world. Incorrect posture, desk jobs, sedentary lifestyle and inactivity increase the incidence of low back pain. 

Most common causes of pain in general are stress, muscle spasms and hernias. Despite the variety of current treatments, total cure is often not possible, anti-analgesics or antispasmodics do not work after a period of time. Acupuncture and cup treatment should be performed at this stage. 

Acupuncture primarily reduces pain by releasing anti-analgesic mediators within the body with the help of the needles, in addition it relaxes the muscles and resolves muscle spasms rapidly by the release of antispasmodic mediators. In addition, it promotes the happiness hormone release and eliminates the stress-related pain.

Other elements of traditional and complementary medicine can also be used in the treatment of low back pain:   

Neural Therapy, Prolotherapy, Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy), Cup Therapy, Ozone Therapy. 

In particular, laser cup treatment and magnetic field cup therapy are very effective methods.