Dr. Buğra Buyrukçu

Skin rejuvenation (anti-aging)

Aging is the decrease in normal physical and mental functions and shows up through our skin. Aging of our skin usually annoys us because it is the proof that we are getting old, even though our soul is young and we still have a lot more to do. 

Factors that cause aging in our skin are:              

  • Time: a factor that we cannot change.               
  • Oxidants in the skin and body: these are the main causes of aging and cancer.              
  • The sun: we should protect ourselves from sunlight between 10am and 3pm. Sunscreen should be applied every two hours.               
  • Smoking: accelerates aging by affecting many structures in our body.               
  • Not drinking enough water: Our daily water need is 35-45 ml/kg. With lack of water, immune system is suppressed and the regeneration capacity decreases considerably. Tea, juices and coffee is never a substitute for water.              
  • Sugar: weakens the immune system, causes skin sagging, cell damage. Any product made from processed white flour will have the same effects.               
  • Alcohol: weakens the liver and reduces skin regeneration factors, in addition, it contains sugar.
  • Caffeine: leads to loss of moisture due to its diuretic activity. This improves wrinkle formation.               
  • Stress: has a negative effect on the skin by affecting the immune system.              
  • Insomnia: adequate and continuous sleep is very important for secretion of melatonin.               
  • Bad nutrition: eating habits that increase free oxygen radicals destroy the structure of the skin.

In order to prevent skin aging and to eliminate the signs of aging, a good alimentation and procedures that contribute to skin rejunenating are very important.

How correct is to intake foreign substances or inject them to our skin? Instead of this, using the self-repairing ability of our body is much healthier option to provide a younger skin. Through insertion of needles in certain points, self rejuvenation molecules in subcutaneous layers will be released.

Most efficient methods to rejuvenate our skin and get rid of the wrinkles are:   

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture: Insertion of 0.4 - 0.5 cm sized needles into certain points of the skin
  • CGF (concentrated growth factors) injection into the skin