Dr. Buğra Buyrukçu

Regional Slimming

A lot of people go on a diet but can never get rid of the fat mass in some zones, especially the fat mass in the hip and belly area that is present for a long time is difficult to dissolve despite exercise and diet, in addition, losing weight following acupuncture treatments cause sagging. After a certain point weight loss ceases and the individual loses all his hopes and belief, quits his diet and regains weight rapidly. In this phase, regional slimming will be quite effective. Various cosmetic products and methods are used for regional slimming, some of which don’t work at all and some are really beneficial.

Studies have shown that the most effective regional slimming method is to make the body burn its fat on its own. So how would this be possible? 

With electrolipolysis, an acupuncture method. With this acupuncture method, the body’s fat burning potential is encouraged by needles that are inserted in the energy paths of the body. Electrolipolysis has a similar effect, breaking down the fibers in the solidified fat tissue and helping the body burn the fat mass.