Dr. Buğra Buyrukçu

New Generation PRP: cGF (Concentrate Growth Factor)

New Generation PRP: cGF (Concentrate Growth Factor)

The widely known PRP growth factor therapy is now being replaced by CGF-CD34 (Concentrated Growth Factor) therapy, which is consisted of highly concentrated growth factors and stem cells. 

In the PRP method, platelet cells are used following a special process of extraction and activation that helps the growth factors come out of the cells, whereas in the CGF-CD34 method, through various activation procedures, it is possible to derive a blood plasma that contains a higher concentration of growth factors and hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells (CD-34).

In CGF-CD34 method, not only growth factors alone but also stem cells called CD34 are  obtained and it has been shown that CGF-CD34 therapy is more effective than PRP.


Blood is drawn from the individual and with the help of special methods growth factors are extracted. After disinfection of the application area, topical anesthetic creams are applied. The plasma is applied through one of these:

  • Direct injection,              
  • Mesotherapy,               
  • Microneedling,               
  • Within a mask,              
  • Directly on the wounds.              

The entire procedure including the preparation phase takes 30-45 minutes.


Aging of the skin occurs correspondingly with chronological aging. The process of aging happens quite slowly and in a chronical manner, in which many genetic and environmental factors play a role. However, natural tissue repair mechanisms do not recognize this aging process, in other words, they keep working in the same way, and that is why, to rejuvenate the skin, we actually try to imitate the behaviour of our body while healing a wound.

With CGF-CD34 therapy, similarly, we aim to increase the healing capacity of the body. For this reason, we inject these repairing cells under the skin layer, which normally doesn’t collect or attract these kind of cells.


  • The application area should not come into contact with water/cleansers and no make up should be done for 4-6 hours.
  • Swimming/staying in the pool/sea should be avoided for 12-24 hours.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs after injection should be avoided since they will suppress the natural healing process induced by CGF-CD34.                 
  • However, if pain (very rarely) persists due to CGF-CD34 application, a paracetamol type painkiller can be used or cold application can be done.              
  • It is recommended to avoid very hot bath, shower, hammam, sauna and heavy exercise for 24-48 hours.


  • No external chemicals or drugs used,
  • It is a natural composition derived from one's own blood,               
  • No allergies or other side effects,               
  • No risk of infectious disease,               
  • Short application time               
  • Effects seen in a short time               
  • Permanent and long lasting effects              
  • Easy and practical procedure
  • No hospital/operating room needed,                 
  • Effects are similar to those of fillers and mesotherapy and can be used in combination with these methods.