Dr. Buğra Buyrukçu

Hair loss

For centuries, hair has been very important for all genders. It became a symbol of sovereignty and showed the power of women in ancient times, and in many civilizations, numerous icons/statues about hair were created. Since this high level of importance was given to hair, hair loss has been a very significant concern.

When does hair loss become important? We can understand this with a very simple test. Hold a pinch of hair (around 20-30 fibers) from any part of the scalp and quickly pull it out. If you have 5-6 pieces or more fibers, we advise you to consult to a specialist to take measures.

Studies have shown that daily 100 fibers of hair loss is normal. Hair loss can be caused by medical problems or by environmental factors. Disorders of the thyroid gland, genetic predisposition (especially in males), anemia, scalp problems, iron deficiency, hormone disorders are among medical problems. Apart from this, inadequate hair care and an unbalanced nutrition can cause hair loss. Therefore, the cause of hair loss should be determined at first.

If no medical problem is detected, environmental factors should be questioned, including smoking, alcohol, diet, stress, hair care, the content of hair products used and frequent change of these products.

In the early stages of hair loss, it is largely prevented with hair and scalp care and treatments and/or eliminating the underlying medical problem.

However, if there is a genetic predisposition and intense hair loss (which means that a long term treatment will be needed), CGF (concentrated growth factor) therapy rapidly and significantly stops and prevents hair loss, along with this therapy hair and scalp care products perfect results are achieved.