Dr. Buğra Buyrukçu

Forms of Herbal Medicine

Considering the tendency of societies to use herbal/natural products, World Health Organization and European Union introduced specific regulations for herbal medicines, however, since these were not sufficient, expert groups conducted separate studies. American FDA, the German Commission E and the ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperation Group for Phytotherapy) prepared various monographs and set criteria for the safe use and standardization of these products.

Herbal Drug Forms:

1-) Medical infusions

2-) Galenic preparations: Extract, elixir, pomade, tincture, hydrolat.

3-) Off the shelf drugs: cream, oil, mouthwash, lotion, syrup, injection, compress, plaster, plant extract, shampoo, powder, mush, perfume, enema, bath, wrap, milk, incense.