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Acupuncture For Weight Loss

Losing weight and not gaining it back is a common goal that is not easy to achieve. 

Buğra Buyrukcu Zayıflama

You are going through an extreme diet program, you exercise, walk, run or swim. You lose weight after a demanding period and yes, you have drastic changes in your body, you get that great look and fitness that you desire! After this period, you gradually regain your old eating habits. You quit paying attention to what you eat and tracking your portions. You start to unfollow your exercise schedule, and you often find an excuse for not doing it. (you really have an excuse, don’t you?) Suddenly in 6 months time you find yourself fatter than before!

Throughout years our bodies learn a certain lifestyle: desserts, no exercise, after-dinner snacks, smoking, alcohol, or simply being overweight even without these habits. Which of these do you have?